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Hi, I’m Jenn

Do you want to talk about education or neurodiversity – or both?

If so, you are in the right place.

I am CEO of Rama Life, a neuro-inclusive education provision based in the UK, have been a part of the home education community for over 16 years and

Through coaching, writing and speaking, I ask important questions, promote mindset development and support families, individuals and professionals.

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Jenn Hodge

I will let you into a secret…

One size does not fit all and there is no ‘normal’.

Neurodiversity describes the natural differences in our brains, that includes the way we learn, communicate, process information and experience the world.

We use language such as ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia to group together certain common traits.  This can be useful as a way to understand ourselves and others – but can also generate assumptions, be missunderstood and in the case of ADHD, be outdated and incorrect (there is no deficit of attention and it is not a disorder).

Due to the power of social media, more people than ever are starting to learn about the way their brains work and it has brought recognition and understanding to not only young people, but adults too – including my Mum at the age of 75!

How I can help

Mainstream provisions (including schools, other public services and workplaces) tend to be “one-size-fits-all”.  This suits some, but not everyone and as we understand people more, the idea of normal is rapidly becoming obselete.

I help individuals, groups and families understand neurodiversity, the impact it can have and help create transition from disability to empowerment.

You can watch my videos, access my social media content, download useful guides and books (coming soon!), book me to speak to your group or event or work with me 1:1.  The best place to start is subscribing to my mailing list below…

Jenn Hodge Personal Speaker

Why are so many young people struggling in mainstream education?


Mainstream schooling has an increasing focus on academic achievement and behaviour compliance – all creating pressure.

Reduced Creativity

Creative subjects are not valued enough – since 2010 there has been a 47% drop in uptake of Arts based GCSES.

Mental Health

Lack of creativity, school pressure, the pandemic, cost of living crisis and social media have all impacted mental health.

One-Size Does Not Fit All

We all learn differently.  Some of us need to talk and discuss, others to be quiet and read.  Some need to see and touch and others to contemplate and reflect. 


Humans need to feel safe.  An environment where young people and adults feel increasingly stressed – generates fear and misstrust.


People, noise, irritating textures, restrictive clothing, authoritarian rule, lack of autonomy, impossible rules.  All cause sensory and nervous system overwhelm.

An increasing number of families are taking the decision to home educate – some intentionally and others because they have no other option.

If you are home educating or considering it – I can help.


Thank you for explaining everything in such an accessible way - this has really helped!

Prospective Home Ed Parent, UK

I love how you explain everything. As well as the facts - it’s how you put the words across. Thank you

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Jenn generously shares her knowledge and expertise to empower parents and makes everything feel possible!

Home Ed Parent, UK

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